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What is found it?

Found it is an online market place that allows sellers to register and list products for sale and where buyers can then shop and negotiate prices for those products.

How can I start selling on found it?

  1.  Go to and click register on the home page to create your free account.
  2. After registration log back in with your new username and password and scroll to the bottom. There you will find the create new seller  button, click it.
  3. Enter some brief information and click submit. You now have your very own seller account on found it!
  4. Now simply add your products, enter a description for them and then upload your product images.
  5. Once your product/s have been added, found it! will approve the products entered. Your products will then be seen by visitors to the site as well as be automatically posted to found it!'s facebook page.
  6. That 's it, your're all done!  Sell and earn! 

How can I buy on found it?

  1. As a visitor you simply browse the marketplace for the product/s or products you're interested in.
  2. Each product is associated with a seller and you can contact that seller directly on found it  to get more information or negotiate prices with the seller.
  3. If you proceed to place an order, you will directed to the checkout page to enter your shipping and payment details. Different products and sellers offer different shipping and payment options, so please ensure these suit you before completing your order.

Is this all free?

  1. A seller can list up to three products absolutely free., no sign up fees, no sales commissions payable.
  2. If more than three products are listed then the seller will pay a small fee on the fourth product onward. 
  3. Various other packages are available to businesses and persons who want to take their products to the next level. Contact found it! for more information,

Why should I sell on foundit!?

  1. You get your own online store front. Each seller gets their own product pages and profile where customers can at a glance see all your posted products.  With your seller account you also get a host of  features to manage transactions, shipping, orders. Find out more.
  2. All your products are posted automatically to our facebook page as well. This means that your products can be found on our buy and sell facebook page as well as on our marketplace. Find out more!

Why should I buy on foundit!?

  1. Wide range of sellers and products. Foundit! provides you with a wide range of choices allowing  you to find exactly what you're looking for and for the very best price. Your free buyer account also allows you to manage your orders from start to finish.
  2. Before you buy you can negotiate prices and make arrangements with your seller,all very conveniently.

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